Trust1Team’s experts can add business value to your architecture, security and integration demands, using IT standards, Open Source proven components and maintaining compliance and security related aspects.

We assist internal IT managers in making decisions that are aligned with the strategic platforms and initiatives of the organization. We also help departments problem-solve and introduce them to new tools. Trust1Team maintains extensive external professional networks, to follow or lead the development of standards, tools, and practices of relevance for smart cards, PKI, digital signing and semantic web technologies.

Trust1Team consists of several groups whose core functions are below:
  • Smart card implementation and integration
  • Business process management and digital signing integration
  • Semantic technologies integration and information enhancement
Trust1Team uses an integration policy:
  • Maintain Security and avoid vulnerabilities
  • Reduce cost and “keep it simple”
  • Avoid unnecessary data migration
  • Avoid restrictive data models
  • Embrace component reuse
  • Enhance data towards useful information
  • Embrace modularity
  • Promote loosely coupled services
  • Facilitate modernization