OpenCertSign stands for “Open Certificate based Signing”, the open-source library for certificate based content signing.

  • Sign PDF, content and transactions with legal value
  • Paperless/Green IT
  • Digitalization – prevent documents to be materialized
  • Optimize your business proces
  • Optimize your document flow throughput
What is OCS / OpenCertSign?

OpenCertSign is all about eliminating complexity in PDF document, transaction or other content signing. In the future signing will be provided for several document types, besides PDF (PAdES) and transactions (XAdES).

OpenCertSign is a product based on industry standard protocols for electronically signing documents. OCS can easily be integrated in your business processes to prevent materialization of your electronic documents which must be signed by one or several parties.

OpenCertSign adheres to the Modification Detection and Prevention requirements to establish trust in PDF document or transactions. When integrated in an Enterprise Content Management environment, signed semantic audit trails, long term validation and preservation are available as metadata of process flow controls.

OpenCertSign is a comprehensive solution for creating and verifying advanced digital signatures on any type of document, web form or transaction. Business applications can rely on OpenCertSign to ensure data integrity, user authentication, non-repudiation and long-term provability of information.

OpenCertSign can be easily integrated with business applications using our self-explanatory wiki pages available on our wiki. You can have your first demo setup in some hours or have a peek in the source code of our example OCS demo application.

Why OCS / OpenCertSign?
  • Safe a substantial amount of money from expensive paper-based processes to electronic documents
  • Verifiable Digital/Business Identity
  • Embedded signatures in your PDF document
  • Optional embedded revocation information
  • Non-repudiable legal weight evidence
  • Higher performance for your business processes B2B/B2C/…
  • Compliance with European legal & regulatory requirements
  • High level of information quality for eContracts, eInvoices, …
  • Signature validation in any PDF viewer following the ISO-32000 standard
  • Digital signature contained in PDF document, no need to manage digital signatures
How do we implement OCS / OpenCertSign?
  • Embedding OCS in your business processes
  • Integrated OCS into your business processes and forms, providing non-repudiable signed PDF documents towards your business partners or customers, saving time, reducing errors and increasing visibility.
  • Saving time with eDocuments
  • Collect information to properly invoice customers and feed data directly into your billing system, reducing errors and accelerating billing.
  • Provide your documents with multiple signatures and perform bulk signing for higher performance in your workflow processes.
  • Non-repudiable documents
  • Single or multi-sign your business contracts, agreements, work orders, employee expense reporting and many more, achieving higher performance and legal value based on your digital ID.
  • Green IT – Go Paperless!
  • Cut your paper cost and safe money preventing digital content to be materialized for signing purposes, without loss of legal value.
Who can make advantage of OCS / OpenCertSign?
  • Industries
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Science
  • Education
  • Government
  • Departments
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Human Ressources
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Support
  • IT/Operations
  • Legal
  • Procurement
OCS / OpenCertSign supporting formats:

OpenCertSign can create and verify all common signature formats, including: PDF/PAdES, XAdES, XML DigSig, PKCS#7; in the future extension modules will be provided for CAdES, CMS, PKCS#1 and S/MIME.

OpenCertSign supporting digital formats:

  • PDF (iso 32000), PDF/A (iso 19005), PAdES (ETSI TS 102 778) signatures
  • XML (W3C), XAdES (ETSI TS 101 903) signatures (XML DSig, XAdES variations)

OpenCertSign future plugable modules supporting formats:

  • CMS, PKCS#7, CAdES (ETSI TS 101 733) signatures
  • Ontology signing


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