The Trust1Connector is a secured communication concept using standard protocols and security principles. The purpose of the library is to facilitate browser communication with local peripherals, from a web application or web context, with no browser-specific dependencies. This component facilitates web application communication with local hardware in a secure and transparent way towards back-end services.
Trust1Connector is an alternative to the NPAPI-based Java applets and browser specific extensions. The package can be white-labelled or branded for custom deployments on managed or unmanaged devices.


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Check the next generation ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), allowing you to manage, expose and to consume all types of micro-services and APIs inside your organization, and towards your external partners and third parties.
Trust1Gateway is an API management platform, created and maintained by Trust1Team. This is a modular, state-of-the-art platform which offers functionality for service developers to create, register and publish their APIs. The platform additionally offers application developers access to existing published services, allowing them to use these APIs in their own applications. During application run-time, all service calls are logged and metrics are made available.

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The Trust1Vault secures, stores, and tightly controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys, and other secrets for services in need. The vault handles leasing, key revocation, key rolling, and auditing. Through a unified API, users or services can access an encrypted key/value store and network encryption-as-a-service.
All data that the vault stores is encrypted. Any dynamically-generated secrets are associated with leases, and the vault will automatically revoke these secrets after the lease period ends. Access control policies provide strict control over who can access what secrets; the vault stores a detailed audit log of all authenticated client interaction.

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