MagicAI - OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Video, Chat, Voice, and Code Generator as SaaS

MagicAI - OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Video, Chat, Voice, and Code Generator as SaaS

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Last Update on Feb 28, 2024: Introducing Revolutionary MagicAI Marketplace, AI Image to Video, Chatbot Training with Link and PDF, BrandVoice, Fully Customizable Floating Chatbots, Video Tutorials, and more…

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Over the past ten months, we’ve released a staggering 500+ new features, all designed to enhance your MagicAI experience. Our commitment to continuous improvement remains unwavering, so stay tuned for even more exciting updates!

Meet MagicAI.

All-in-one SaaS platform to generate AI content and start making money in minutes.

#1 Best Selling Product

MagicAI became the best-selling product on Codecanyon within three days.

AI Models

MagicAI is designed to help you generate high-quality content instantly, without breaking a sweat. It supports the most popular AI generation models.

  • OpenAI
  • GPT 4 Turbo
  • GPT 4
  • GPT 3.5
  • GPT 3
  • Dall-E 2
  • Dall-E 3
  • Stable Diffusion
  • Davinci
  • ElevenLabs

AI Generators.

  • AI Text Generator
  • AI Image Generator
  • AI Video Generator
  • AI Code Generator
  • AI ChatBot
  • AI Speech to Text
  • AI Voiceover
  • AI PDF
  • AI FileChat (CSV, PDF, or .doc)
  • AI Vision
  • AI Chat Image
  • AI Content Detector
  • AI Plagiarism Check
  • AI Web Search
  • AI Youtube to Post
  • AI Content Generation from RSS


MagicAI Writer is designed to help you generate high-quality texts instantly, without breaking a sweat. With our intuitive interface and powerful features, you can easily edit, export or publish your AI-generated result.


Brings your static images to life with seamless transitions, and professional-quality editing. Simply upload your photos, and MagicAI take care of the rest, crafting a dynamic video narrative that’s perfect for sharing on social media, presentations, or personal keepsakes. Effortlessly create visually compelling videos that leave a lasting impression, all with just a few clicks.


Generate high qualtity images for a wide range of applications, including web design, advertising, and social media. Whether you’re looking to create eye-catching graphics for your business or simply want to experiment with different design concepts, MagicAI is the perfect solution.


Get instant answers to your questions, no matter the topic. Whether you’re looking to book a reservation, get product recommendations, or just chat about the weather, MagicAI is always ready and willing to help.


Share a web link, and let our chatbot delve into the content, providing relevant insights and opinions. Our intelligent chatbot analyzes the material, sparking insightful conversations tailored to your interests.


Empower your SaaS with fully customizable trained chatbots that seamlessly float between frontend and dashboard. Create and deploy chatbots that provide instant support and interaction for your users no matter where they navigate


MagicAI is designed to make coding faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a coding newbie, our tool will help you streamline your coding process and get your projects up and running in no time.


Accurately transcribe your recordings in just minutes. With our user-friendly interface, you can upload your files and have them transcribed in a matter of clicks.


From captivating commercials to engaging narrations, our AI voice will bring your words to life. MagicAI supports GCS, Elevenlabs and OpenAI. With its seamless delivery, natural intonation, and unrivaled versatility, our AI voiceover is the perfect choice for any project. Effortlessly choose from a variety of voices and languages while adjusting the pace to your preference.


Generate speech in any of 20+ supported languages by creating a voice that perfectly mirrors yours. Utilize this cloned voice, derived from a recording in one language, to produce speech in another language seamlessly.


Seamlessly upload any image you want to explore or discuss and get insightful conversations.


Leveraging the power of AI to revolutionize how you interact with PDFs. Simply upload a PDF and find specific information extract key insights or summarize the entire document.


Need to extract specific information from a PDF, .doc or CSV document? MagicAI now swiftly navigates through the document, providing you with instant insights, summaries, or key data points.


Just choose your topic, and watch MagicAI whip up SEO-optimized blog content in a matter of seconds.


Expand your responses beyond OpenAI archives. With MagicAI, you can now conduct real-time web searches and receive up-to-date search results from Google.


Extract content from Youtube videos and convert it into polished, ready-to-publish blog posts with a single click.


Effortlessly transform RSS feed content into compelling blog posts and seamlessly convert external content into your own unique creations.


Seamlessly generate and craft a diverse array of images without ever leaving your chat environment.


Scan millions of online sources in seconds to detect instances of plagiarism or content duplication, providing corresponding links to the plagiarized content found online.


Analyze text and compare it against a vast database online content to check if it is written by AI. Simply copy and paste your content and MagicAI will provide detailed scan results in seconds.

The Fastest Growing Product.


Explore a diverse selection of AI modules carefully crafted by our developers to extend the capabilities of MagicAI and unlock new horizons.


Build your own MagicAI apps and unleash the boundless possibilities with our robust REST API. Sky is the limit!


Share your feedback, seek assistance from a vibrant community or simply create connections. Join our community now!


Dive into our curated tutorials designed to teach you tips and tricks about MagicAI on Youtube. Unlock the secrets to leveraging MagicAI more effectively and stay ahead of the curve with our exclusive tutorials and insights.

Magic Tools.


Generate, edit, and publish unique text, image, code, and chat with the power of AI.


Create content from the ground up, or effortlessly edit existing content with a few clicks, even after the document has been initially created.


Discover the fusion of content generation tools and an AI-driven Text Editor. Select from a wide array of templates and begin editing your generated content directly on the same page with the assistance of our innovative Advanced AI Text Editor.


Transform your existing content effortlessly. Effortlessly reshape and elevate your pre-existing content with a single click.


Our latest wizard simplifies the installation process of MagicAI to an unprecedented degree, enabling you to effortlessly deploy the software with just a few clicks in a matter of seconds.


Smart dashboard keeps your site up-to-date. Just click on the update button and MagicAI will be updated to the latest version for free.


MagicAI is designed to work great on any device. A fully adaptive layout and native-like experience allow your customers to create content on any device regardless of the size.


Easily train MagicAI on your own data (website, PDF, text or even Q&A) and make your AI content exclusive just to your website. Simply select the source and let the magic happen right before your eyes.<


MagicAI allows you to bring your own data to create your own GPT easily. Simply upload your dataset and enhance your AI-generated results in seconds.


Use pre-made bots or create your own chatbot with custom avatars to craft exceptional and unique experiences for your customers.


Users simply browse through the library, select a prompt that resonates with them or create their own prompt in seconds. With new prompts added regularly, there’s always fresh inspiration waiting to spark creativity.


Save your own custom prompts for quick access to your favorite ideas and storylines. Keep your creative process organized and efficient..


MagicAI uses cutting-edge technology called Stream to display each letter in real-time so you don’t have to wait while the AI is generating the output.


Our tools can help you generate any kind of content from product descriptions and blog posts to email newsletters and social media updates.


A responsive dashboard allows you to access valuable insight and analytics, monitor user activity, and manage site settings.


Simply input details about your brand and products once, and MagicAI remembers it for every future creation. With BrandVoice, your unique identity shines through effortlessly, saving you time and ensuring consistency across all your content.


MagicAI now comes with stunning pre-built inner pages. Easily personalize the content using the editor, and you’re all set to launch! It’s that easy!


MagicAI now allows your users to invite their colleagues and collaborators to join a team and maximize the benefits of AI. Seize the opportunity to expand your user base.


Seamlessly integrated into MagicAI, you can now effortlessly create, customize, and distribute captivating newsletters to your adience.


Rock-solid structure and next-generation technologies deliver the maximum performance.


Option to use AWS S3 Storage.


Earn money by displaying Google Ads.


MagicAI is designed to perform exceptionally regardless of your server configuration. Exclusive JS and server optimizations make it possible to use MagicAI at the best performance on any server.


Easily create, organize, and sort all of your files including folders, texts, images, code and more.


Dive deeper into your visuals with detailed prompts, date stamps, mood indicators, cost/credit tracking, and resolution details. Enhance your experience and gain comprehensive insights at a glance with this advanced popup.


Securely process bank transfer, credit cards, debit cards, or other electronic payment methods such as Stripe, Paypal, 2Checkout, Paddle, Yokassa, Iyzico, Coingate and Paystack. You can even use custom tax settings for these methods if needed.


All-new plan builder now offers advanced options to determine template availability based on specific price packs to give you the full control over your pricing plans and cost management.


MagicAI supports free, prepaid, subscription, or lifetime-based pricing as well as a free trial so that your customers can try your AI services before purchasing the right plan.


You can let your users experience the remarkable capabilities of MagicAI with the exclusive free trial.


MagicAI now allows you to create and apply discounts during your checkout.


Ability to invite friends, set affiliate rules and earn commission from their first purchase.


Frontend Editor allows you to edit the site content easily. Simply select the section you want to edit and update the content. That’s it!


Experience the simplicity and ease of our WYSIWYG editor. Create and edit content effortlessly with our intuitive WYSIWYG interface.


The ability to understand and generate content in different languages allows businesses to expand their reach and appeal to a wider audience.


MagicAI allows you to effortlessly translate your entire website into 30 languages with a single click. Simply choose your preferred language and click the “Add” button.


MagicAI allows you to translate strings and download new languages within the dashboard.


Seamlessly adapt your dashboard, content, and overall user experience to meet the needs of RTL language speakers, enabling a truly inclusive and user-friendly environment.


MagicAI uses speech recognition algorithms to transcribe spoken words into text while using AI Chat.


Transform the appearance of your dashboard effortlessly into an elegant dark layout with just a simple click of a button.


MagicAI generates unique and optimized content so you can rank higher. 


Use Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or GitHub as an alternative login method.


MagicAI is designed to safeguard your personal information and ensure compliance with GDPR. You can also add and manage Privacy & Policy or Terms of Service content.


View and manage your project and server configuration.


Export generated copy as plain text, PDF, Word or HTML easily and automatically integrate into a wider system or workflow.


Access Support Tickets from your dashboard and update the entire platform with a single click.

Live search gives your users relevant results within the same page.


This latest addition enables your users to integrate their personal OpenAI API Key, granting them the ability to generate AI content and begin utilizing its functionalities without relying on the admin’s API Key.


MagicAI supports the integration of API keys, providing limitless connections. This unique feature allows you to bypass key usage limitations and ensures that your AI interactions run smoothly and uninterruptedly.

Custom Templates

Create your own template or use pre-made templates and examples for various content types and industries to help you start quickly. 

  • Post Title Generator
  • Summarize Text
  • Product Description
  • Article Generator
  • Product Name Generator
  • Testimonial Review
  • Problem Agilate Solution
  • Blog Section
  • Blog Post Ideas
  • Blog Intros
  • Blog Conclusion
  • Facebook Ads
  • Youtube Video Description
  • Youtube Video Title
  • Youtube Video Tag
  • Instagram Captions
  • Instagram Hashtags
  • Social Media Post Tweet
  • Social Media Post Business
  • Facebook Headlines
  • Google Ads Headlines
  • Google Ads Description
  • Paragraph Generator
  • Pros & Cons
  • Meta Description
  • FAQ Generator (All Datas)
  • Email Generator
  • Email Answer Generator
  • Newsletter Generator
  • Grammar Correction
  • TL;DR Summarization
  • AI Image Generator
  • Custom Generation
  • AI Speech to Text
  • AI Code Generator

How it Works:

  1. Simply explain what your content is about and adjust settings according to your needs.
  3. Input some basic information or keywords about your brand or product, and let our AI algorithms do the rest.
  5. View, edit or export your result with a few clicks. And you’re done!

Unlock your business potential by letting the AI  work and generate money for you.  

Release Notes

5.3.1 – Feb 29, 2024

FIX: Resolved issue with AI Video displaying a 404 error page.

5.3 – Feb 28, 2024

NEW: Fully customizable floating chatbots (Frontend + Dashboard)
NEW: AI Image to Video - Bring your images to life.
NEW: Brand Voice - AI Content tailored to your company and products.
NEW: Inner Pages - Database records are now included in the package.
TWEAK: Enhanced control prevents simultaneous subscription to multiple free plans.
TWEAK: We’ve refined the dark theme style for a more polished user experience.
TWEAK: Users can now conveniently download voices directly from the Documents Page.
TWEAK: Various enhancements made to improve the overall Marketplace experience.
FIX: Resolved issues affecting AI vision functionalities, ensuring smooth operation.
FIX: Addressed issues related to OpenAI API key management.
FIX: Fixed the disabling issue associated with voice cloning functionality.
FIX: Rectified the chat export issue.

5.2 – Feb 23, 2024

NEW: Chatbot Training with PDF
NEW: Chatbot Training with Link
NEW: Advanced Plan Builder
NEW: Personal API Key
NEW: MagicAI Video Tutorials
NEW: More REST API endpoints
TWEAK: Improved ReWriter
FIX: AI chat image tokens
FIX: AI RSS issues
FIX: Terms and privacy pages
FIX: Summarize text with origin language

5.1.1 – Feb 21, 2024

TWEAK: Improvement with installer.
FIX: Blog page.
FIX: Feature access for users.
FIX: UI issues in marketplace.
FIX: UI issues in AI chat.

5.1 – Feb 20, 2024

NEW: AI Web Chat Extension.
NEW: AI File Chat.
NEW: AI .doc/.docx Chat
NEW: Coingate Gateway.
NEW: AI Voice Clone.
NEW: Advanced AI Images
TWEAK: Improving Realtime Styling.
FIX: Blog and Page Header Color.
FIX: User Workbook Search.
FIX: PayPal Free Trial Issues.

5.0 – Feb 15, 2024

NEW: Marketplace.
NEW: AI plagiarism extension.
NEW: AI detector extension.
NEW: Newsletter extension.
TWEAK: Improved advanced editor.
TWEAK: Show page titlebar optional.
TWEAK: Single page styling improve.
TWEAK: Paystack webhooks.
TWEAK: Remove white background from spinner in chat image.
TWEAK: Optimized backend.
FIX: Blog header.
FIX: AI writer backend stream.
FIX: Handle unlimited execution memory.
FIX: AI chat image in backend stream.
FIX: Add bank transactions list back.
FIX: Dark theme icon colors in dashboard.

4.7 – Feb 10, 2024

NEW: AI-Powered Text Generator & Editor.
TWEAK: Enhanced responsiveness.
TWEAK: Feature access to new sign ups.
FIX: Typos.
FIX: Avatars not showing in some places.

4.6.1 – Feb 9, 2024

FIX: Style build issues.
FIX: Hotfix Stripe subscription payment.
FIX: Paypal plan with coupon cancellation.
FIX: AI Youtube backend stream issues.
TWEAK: Lifetime plans added to home page pricing table.

4.5 – Feb 7, 2024

New: Team functionality.
New: Enhanced payment system.
New: Bank Transfer.
New: Free Token Packs and Subscription Plans.
New: LifeTime Monthly and Yearly renewal Subscription Plans.
New: Tax functionality.
New - User finance managment and assign plans by admin (manual payments)
New: Create Users by Admin.
Tweak: More Functions to REST Api.
Tweak: Performance optimization.
Tweak: Style Enhanced.
Fix: Auto-translate issues.
Fix: Coupon issues.
Fix: AI voiceover issues.
Fix: Real-time data issues.
Fix: Fine-tune issue.
Fix: Premium/regular packages access issues.
Fix: Passive templates usable issues.

4.4 – Jan 29, 2024

FIX: AI chat image page opening issues.
FIX: AI chat image feature not closable issue.
FIX: OpenAI settings page not opening issue.
FIX: Other typo issues.

4.3 – Jan 26, 2024

NEW: Fine Tune Models
TWEAK: AI Youtube - Insert and save thumbnail.
TWEAK: Improve auto-translate.
FIX: Chat Image and AI Rewriter issue with multiple API keys.

4.2 – Jan 23, 2024

NEW: Auto-translate feature with Google for additional languages.
NEW: AI YouTube switcher for seamless integration with YouTube content.
NEW: AI Rewriter functionality for content rewriting.
TWEAK: Update badge and titles for a refreshed look.
TWEAK: Ensured Elevenlabs model is updated to version 2.
TWEAK: Improvements in prompts for a more refined user experience.
TWEAK: Enhancements in styling, including improvements in dark mode.
FIX: Addressed issues related to removing redundancies.
FIX: Resolved scrolling issues in the chat area.

4.1 – Jan 18, 2024

NEW: Real-time data integration with AI chats using Serper API.
NEW: Integration of Elevenlabs for AI voiceovers.
Tweak: Chat indicator in AI Chat for better user experience.
Tweak: AI assistant with text selection checking.
Tweak: Enhanced streaming functionality for smoother performance.
FIX: Addressed style issues in AI Chat.
FIX: Resolved AI Chat text line height issues.

4.0 – Jan 11, 2024

NEW: REST API with Swagger for app development on MagicAI.
NEW: Advanced AI assistant.
NEW: Chat Image feature.
NEW: Community platform.
NEW: AI Support Portal.
NEW: Revised payment system with RevenueCat gateway.
TWEAK: Update Chat UI for better user experience.
TWEAK: Responsiveness.
FIX: Resolved language page issues.
FIX: Image in AI Chat.
FIX: Backend stream chat prefixes.
FIX: Remove deprecated Davinci model.
FIX: Avatar display issues.
FIX: Addressed some typos.

3.5.2 – Dec 22, 2023

NEW: Admin-configurable daily rate limits for voice features.
TWEAK: Improved database compatibility by removing dependency on SQLite.
TWEAK: Enhanced language support with additional translations.
FIX: Voiceover now supports OpenAI voices without requiring a Google file.
FIX: Resolved avatar display issues.
FIX: Addressed and resolved possible installation issues for smoother setup experiences.
FIX: Fixed problems related to the language page functionality.

3.5.1 – Dec 20, 2023

NEW:  Chat PDF available for all hosting types.

3.5 – Dec 19, 2023

NEW: Introducing our most anticipated feature, ChatPDF. 
TWEAK: UI/UX Improvements.


TWEAK: Added context menu functionality to workbooks.
TWEAK: Increased custom pages content length.
TWEAK: Increased user avatar length.
TWEAK: UI improvements on AI chat.
FIX: Resolved token pack creation or edit issue.
FIX: Addressed AI vision issues.


FIX: Resolved subscription plan creation issue.
FIX: Addressed registration-related issues.


NEW: AI Vision.
NEW: OpenAI TTS voices.
NEW: Daily limit for AI images, configurable by administrators.
TWEAK: Optional display of token numbers from plan settings.
TWEAK: UI improvements for a smoother experience.
TWEAK: Increased translatability.
FIX: Addressed installation and update errors.
FIX: Resolved backend stream issues.
FIX: Corrected AI image output errors in specific languages.
FIX: Tables are now scrollable on mobile devices.
FIX: Resolved AI wizard frontend stream issues.


NEW: Revamped chat interface.
NEW: AI Chat typing with voice.
NEW: AI Chat search and filters.
NEW: AI Chat prompt library.
NEW: Premium Chatbots.
NEW: Chat Export - PDF, Word or txt.
TWEAK: Updated AI Chat UI.
TWEAK: Translated most system messages.
TWEAK: UI improvements.
TWEAK: Reduced duplicate content.
TWEAK: Displayed Russian Rubles on the right side.
TWEAK: Allowed more than 2000 characters for maximum OpenAI output length.
TWEAK: Reduced document pagination count to 20.
TWEAK: Adjusted Top Countries table height relative to content.
TWEAK: Allowed multiple lines of prompt in chat; also allowed 'Shift+Enter' to insert a line.
FIX: Resolved mail driver issues.
FIX: Fixed backend stream for the latest GPT models.
FIX: Addressed installation errors.
FIX: Fixed turbo issue in the article wizard.
FIX: Resolved webhook issues in PayPal, Paystack, and YooKassa gateways.
FIX: Fixed stripe error messages.
FIX: Resolved issue where redirect to dashboard with messages was not showing.
FIX: Hidden affiliate card when the affiliate is turned off.
FIX: Resolved a possible social login Google issue.
FIX: Resolved a possible AI wizard frontend stream issue.


NEW: Advanced file manager introduced.
TWEAK: Added new AI models to subscription plans.
TWEAK: Style changes for daily usage bars.
TWEAK: Stable diffusion models updated.
TWEAK: Improved DALL-E image quality.
TWEAK: Added support for more languages.
TWEAK: Selectable default DALL-E model in OpenAI settings.
FIX: Resolved some typos.
FIX: Fixed issues in AI wizard.
FIX: Resolved errors in AI image processing.


NEW: Added GPT-4-Turbo model.
NEW: Added Dall-E-3.
TWEAK: Improved error handling for image generation output.
FIX: Fixed social login not clickable on small screens.
FIX: Adjusted display of right-aligned currency position on the home page.
FIX: Resolved AI wizard issue for users.


TWEAK: Improved AI wizard article language output.
TWEAK: Added exception handling.
FIX: Resolved coupon-related errors.
FIX: Addressed translation issues.
FIX: Fixed query error for total usage.
FIX: Added a case for maximum image size to the AI image generator.
FIX: Corrected errors in AI image processing.
FIX: Improved AI Chat training.
FIX: Resolved issues related to Dall-E integration.
FIX: Corrected typographical errors.
FIX: Translated placeholders.
FIX: Ensured the correct translation of plan names.
FIX: Fixed translations for workbook titles and payment page.
FIX: Resolved storage issues if an article stopped unexpectedly.
FIX: Fixed errors related to deleting workbooks.
FIX: Resolved issues with chat functionality.
FIX: Fixed Unsplash API errors and error messages.
FIX: Fixed banner fallback background and made minor style changes.
FIX: Fixed-mobile buttons and coupon apply button style errors.
FIX: Made sure that migrations will fit all MySQL versions.
FIX: Addressed installation errors.


FIX: Fixed the error related to saving AI wizard content to documents.
FIX: Resolved translation errors.
FIX: Fixed the coupon validation error for users.
FIX: Addressed mobile button style error.


NEW: Added AI Articles Wizard for creating AI-generated articles.
NEW: Introduced a Coupon System for improved promotional capabilities.
TWEAK: Enhanced meta SEO title and description for blogs.
TWEAK: Implemented various UI improvements.
TWEAK: Added pagination for better user management.
FIX: Addressed stable diffusion AI Image errors.
FIX: Resolved issues related to Stripe, Iyzico, and Yokassa payment gateways.


NEW: Stable-Diffusion now supports XL 0.9, XL 1.0, 1.5, and 2.1.
NEW: Stability.AI enhancements: image-to-image, upscaling, multi-prompt.
NEW: Multi-language support for meta titles and descriptions.
NEW: Multi-language support for terms and privacy pages.
TWEAK: Pagination to AI Voiceover.
TWEAK: Support for SendGrid Mail SMTP.
TWEAK: Azerbaijani and English UK support to AI generators.
TWEAK: Enhanced AI Writer output.
TWEAK: RTL (Right-to-Left) language support.
TWEAK: UI improvements.
FIX: 2Checkout language problem.
FIX: Unlimited plan issues.
FIX: Social login issues.
FIX: OpenAI APIs input field.
FIX: AWS S3 core errors.
FIX: Translation and translation page issues.


NEW Iyzico Gateway Integration: Seamlessly process transactions through the newly added iyzico gateway.
NEW Google Adsense Integration: Monetize your platform effortlessly with the new Google Adsense integration.
TWEAK Stripe Interface Revamp: Experience a fresh and modern look that enhances your user interaction.
TWEAK AI Writer Enhancements: Enjoy a more refined AI writing experience with optimized prompts and improved template accuracy.
TWEAK AI Chat Stream Enhancement: Interact more seamlessly as we've improved the AI chat stream for smoother conversations.
TWEAK Login Speed Optimization: Logging in is now quicker than ever, ensuring a seamless start to your user journey.
TWEAK Logs Management: Logs are now managed more efficiently with a separate log file dedicated to health-related information.
FIX AWS Enablement Fix: Resolved issues related to enabling AWS, ensuring a smooth integration process.
FIX AI Writer Workbook Deletion Fix: The workbook deletion button in AI Writer is now functioning flawlessly.
FIX Images Exclusion in Document Listings: Images are now correctly excluded from document listings.
FIX Translation Improvement Fix: Enjoy an improved translation experience with the correction of translation-related issues.
FIX Error Resolution: Addressed potential errors, ensuring a stable performance during manual updates.
FIX OpenAI Chat Token Overflow Fix: The problem of token overflowing in OpenAI chat prompts has been successfully resolved.
FIX Unlimited Credits Issue Hotfix: The previously reported unlimited credits issue has been resolved.
FIX Plan Typo Correction: Fixed a typo related to the unlimited plan description.
FIX AI Chat Prompt Issue Fixes: Resolved issues with AI chat prompts in both front-end and back-end modes, ensuring smooth communication.
FIX AI Code with 3.5-turbo-16k Issue Fix: Addressed the problem associated with AI code generation using the 3.5-turbo-16k model.
FIX Draft Blog Preview Fix: Admins can now seamlessly preview draft blog posts without any hindrances.
FIX Facebook Login Issue Resolution: The previously reported Facebook login issue has been successfully resolved.


NEW Introduced system health feature with the addition of cache clearing functionality.
NEW Integrated Paystack payment gateway for expanded payment options.
TWEAK Reduced the delay for webhooks timer to enhance performance.
TWEAK Automatically clear cache after updates for a smoother experience.
TWEAK Translated initial chat messages for better user engagement.
TWEAK Removed display of used disk space to improve user experience.
TWEAK Added subscription feature with 2checkout
TWEAK Added prepaid feature with 2checkout
TWEAK AI Image title & description translation support
TWEAK Implemented CSRF token activation for enhanced security.
TWEAK Adjusted the display of certain currencies to the right side for better visibility.
FIX Fixed the issue where the custom template section was not being translated.
FIX Fixed the issue where text strings was not being translated.
FIX Resolved an issue where the jobs queue was not executing jobs as expected.
FIX Moved the queue update to the AppServiceProvider to address a critical issue.
FIX Fixed the max key length is 1000 bytes error in the update script problem.
FIX Resolved global currency symbol problems.
FIX Enabled the deletion of image files properly.
FIX Addressed the dynamic loading of AI images on scroll-down functionality.
FIX Made a minor adjustment to the license section.
FIX Corrected the default avatar path for assets.
FIX Made a slight adjustment to the 2checkout functionality.
FIX Prevented 2checkout prepaid webhook from causing issues.
FIX Addressed the paywith 2checkout card element problem.


TWEAK Added save product on 2checkout.
FIX Publishable key issue.
FIX YoKassa controller subscription status issue.
FIX Change product name on staging.


NEW AI chat with GPT-4 feature.
TWEAK Added cron job on yokassa payment.
TWEAK Added 2checkout setting save feature.
TWEAK Added two checkout blade.
TWEAK Added hide English language on the menu option.
TWEAK Removed some frontend options for better experience.
TWEAK Added walletmaxpay controller.
FIX AI image switch api to stability AI.
FIX Brazilian phone number field.
FIX GPT-4 feature on ai write and ai code.
FIX Subscription with yokassa gateway.
FIX Login confirmation email URL redirect to 404.
FIX Lightbox not working on AI Image page.
FIX LazyLoad issue on AI Image page.


TWEAK Send confirmation email to each login try.
TWEAK Minor UX improvements.
FIX Speech to Text not working


NEW YooKassa Gateway.
NEW Language menu in mobile version.
NEW Lithuanian language support.
NEW Editable main strings. You can edit main strings (English Text) on the Language page now.
TWEAK Improve site health strings.
FIX Correct currency in payment page not appear.
FIX 500 error on the updating process.
FIX Added extra check for incomplete payments in Stripe.
FIX User dashboard token chart texts are not translating.


NEW LazyLoad images.
NEW Control option Premium/Regular template for AI Writers.
NEW AmazonS3 Storage option.
TWEAK Payments look for live instead of sandbox first.
FIX AI Image not working for some cases.
FIX pt_BR language not selectable.
FIX StableDiffusion settings are not saving.
FIX User dashboard overview wrong data.


NEW Paypal & Stripe webhooks.
NEW Kazakh Language support.
NEW Typing effect. When creating content from now on, you will see an typing effect.
NEW Copy chat button. Copy your chat content with a single click.
NEW OpenAI stream option. You can choose how to stream: Backend/Frontend.
NEW Blog Posts! Enhance your online presence and share your thoughts with the world.
NEW Email Template Editor. Now there is an area where you can manage your email templates through the panel.
TWEAK Enable/Disable option for PreHeader.
TWEAK Languages: Improved Translation process and desgin. You can manage the default languages on the dashboard now!
TWEAK Custom template category deletion.
TWEAK Added real names to Voiceover voices for better usage.
TWEAK Hide image tokents left when disable Image generation feature.
TWEAK Allow special characters for custom templates.
TWEAK Hide language switcher button when active one language.
TWEAK English corrections.
FIX Layout responsive issues.
FIX AI Writer categories cannot be removed.
FIX Block access if user has no credit.
FIX Affiliate code empty for Social Login.
FIX Remaining tokens chart wrong data.
FIX Social Login not working for some cases.
FIX Custom template page-subtitle showing wrong description.


NEW Released the AI Voiceover feature with Google TTS (Text-to-Speech) integration.
NEW Upgraded the ChatGpt model to the 16K model to provide longer and more comprehensive answers.
TWEAK Updated the 'My Orders' page to display the most recent orders first.
TWEAK Removed the app_env check from the gateway mode for improved functionality.
TWEAK Added a currency locale link for PayPal integration to ensure accurate currency display.
FIX Resolved the issue causing Chat API errors.
FIX Fixed the API error experienced by some users when using AI Writer.
FIX Addressed the problem where AI Writer produced nonsensical output after a certain point.


NEW Released the AI Voiceover feature with Google TTS (Text-to-Speech) integration.
NEW Upgraded the ChatGpt model to the 16K model to provide longer and more comprehensive answers.
TWEAK Updated the 'My Orders' page to display the most recent orders first.
TWEAK Removed the app_env check from the gateway mode for improved functionality.
TWEAK Added a currency locale link for PayPal integration to ensure accurate currency display.
FIX Resolved the issue causing Chat API errors.
FIX Fixed the API error experienced by some users when using AI Writer.
FIX Addressed the problem where AI Writer produced nonsensical output after a certain point.


NEW AI Writer maximum length set 400 to be default. It's no longer takes the value from maximum length from admin dashboard.
FIX Fixed AI Writer content rewriting to reach maximum word error.
FIX Fixed AI Chat doesn't response after few inputs.
FIX Fixed Free credits issue upon registration via social methods.


NEW Custom AI Writer Categories Create, Update, Delete menu added.
NEW Implemented free credits upon registration. This feature can be found in the general settings.
NEW Added custom code options for both frontend and dashboard.
NEW Regenerated language files to address issues related to search and creating new strings.
NEW AI Writer now can generate up to 2000 words.
TWEAK AI Chat Responses are Improved
TWEAK Refined the social login buttons.
TWEAK Made minor bug fixes and improvements in various areas.
FIX Fixed when used special characters on frontend strings it shows keyboard code.
FIX Fixed when user sends email for affiliation button stuck.
FIX Resolved the issue with custom templates filter selections.
FIX Fixed the problem where custom template filters were not appearing.
FIX Corrected the display of templates on the homepage based on active/passive states.
FIX Fixed the issue where the site menu was not being translated.
FIX Resolved the user deletion issue.
FIX Fixed the 404 error when clicking the logo on the documents page.
FIX The issue causing the Stripe 500 error after the payment has been resolved.


FIX Login without mail confirmation removed for admin.


NEW Implemented API key checks and error reporting for the user.
NEW Disabled chat system input when no API key is provided.
NEW Added an API key tester that identifies non-functioning keys and provides corresponding error messages.
NEW Introduced a feature in the General Settings to prevent login without email confirmation.
NEW Implemented Turbo mode for AI Chat and AI Writer.
NEW Implemented additional checks to resolve Gateway 500 errors.
NEW Added dev mode warnings for Gateways.
NEW Added Terms Link and explanations for the Payment Save button.
NEW Added frontend sign in and sign up text edits. (Frontend Settings)
TWEAK Refined the layout of social login buttons.
TWEAK Improved AI Writer prompts for better performance.
TWEAK Improved translations for templates.
TWEAK Enhanced the floating add menu to appear on hover.
TWEAK Adjusted and fixed labels for better clarity.
TWEAK Addressed the site health memory limit bug.
TWEAK Enhanced the styling of social media buttons during registration.
TWEAK Adjusted font sizes for better readability.
FIX Resolved issues with the responsiveness of the dashboard.
FIX Fixed the issues related to environment settings and Paypal credentials.
FIX Temporarily disabled the new product feature for Cancelled orders.
FIX Correctly displayed trial days in plans.
FIX Implemented UI improvements for the Login page.
FIX Disabled special characters in AI Writer custom template inputs, as they are not allowed in user input names.
FIX Resolved HTML tags issues in AI Chat Turbo Mode.
FIX Resolved the issue with displaying Cancelled Orders.
FIX Updated word count display to show 'Unlimited' instead of -1.
FIX Fixed the bug related to deleting custom templates.
FIX Improved responsiveness of the GDPR box.


FIX Minor Fixes
FIX Hot Fixes; Payment issues resolved.


NEW Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions options
TWEAK Includes hotfixes for version 1.50
FIX We have implemented forced SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to address issues that some Cloudflare users were experiencing with AJAX requests.
FIX Minor Fixes


NEW Paypal Gateway - You can use PayPal as an alternative to Stripe.
NEW GDPR Alert Box - Add an alert box for gdpr messages (Settings > GDPR).
NEW Menu Manager - Manage site menu items as you want! (Frontend > Menu).
NEW Social Login - You can now log in with your social media accounts. Available for: Google, Facebook and GitHub.
TWEAK Removed zoom on inputs focus in iOS devices.
TWEAK Improved Animations on the landing page. Animations will now happen faster.
TWEAK Improved the sticky header styles for better design.
TWEAK Improved the landing page performance. The landing page will now open faster.
TWEAK Improved the text editor on the RTL version.
TWEAK Improved Login page translations.
TWEAK Generate image input placeholder color.
FIX Fixed Scrolling issue on the Chat page.
FIX Translated text not affect on the Hero section.
FIX Number of results not affecting on the writer.
FIX OpenAI general settings not working for: Language, maximum lenght and tone of voice.
FIX Header logo width issue.
FIX Dashboard seach shourtcut not working on Windows
FIX 404 error during change language on the Translate Strings page
FIX 404 error mail URL's was taken from installation file. Now it is taking it from settings.


NEW Meta Keywords Option - Introduced a new feature that allows users to specify meta keywords for improved search engine optimization.
NEW Custom Pages - Added the ability for users to create custom pages, enabling them to tailor their website content according to their specific requirements.
NEW Low Specs Option for Shared Hosting - Implemented a low-specification option for shared hosting plans, catering to users with limited resource requirements.
FIX Localize Strings - Resolved an issue where certain strings within the application were not properly localized, ensuring consistent language support across different regions.
FIX Changelog Styling - Fixed the styling of the changelog section, improving its visual presentation and readability.
FIX Safari Styling Issues - Addressed styling issues specifically affecting the Safari browser, ensuring a consistent and optimal user experience across different web browsers.
FIX Removed Navbar Expand - Corrected a functionality issue where the navigation bar would expand unnecessarily, providing a more streamlined and user-friendly interface.
FIX Disabled Features Showing in Floating Add New - Resolved an issue where disabled features were still visible in the floating "Add New" menu, ensuring that only active and relevant options are displayed.
FIX Activation URL - Fixed a problem with the activation URL, ensuring that it functions correctly and allows users to activate their accounts without any issues.
FIX Documents Border Width - Adjusted the border width of documents, improving their visual appearance and ensuring consistent styling throughout the application.


NEW Added infinite word and image tokens when creating plans.
NEW Added the ability to send test emails.
NEW Added Site Health feature.
NEW Added feature for active-passive management, allowing users to toggle between active and passive modes for various AI capabilities: AI Writer, AI Image, AI Chat, AI Code, AI Speech to text, affiliates.
NEW Implemented a new UI design, providing a fresh and updated look and feel to enhance the user experience. The new design includes improved aesthetics, intuitive navigation, and enhanced usability.
NEW Introduced the ability to create custom chatbots, allowing users to design and configure chatbots according to their specific needs and preferences.
NEW Implemented a sticky header on mobile devices, providing users with a consistent navigation experience as they scroll through the page on their mobile devices.
NEW Added a sticky header logo to the landing page, ensuring that the logo remains visible and easily accessible as users scroll through the page.
NEW Added the option for Chatbot training via JSON.
NEW Chatbot training included examples for better understanding and guidance.
NEW Implemented the Chatbot Avatar feature, allowing users to customize the appearance of their chatbots.
NEW Introduced a language dropdown on the landing page, enabling users to select their preferred language for a more personalized experience.
NEW Multiple Gateway structure (Only stripe works for now)
NEW Sandbox support (fields) on Development mode
NEW Membership plans generate required product id and price id values in all enabled gateways on save dynamically.
NEW Activating gateway triggers generating all membership plans product ids dynamically in saved gateway.
NEW Added info area below save button on membership plan edit page to show created data.
NEW Added Translate Strings Feature. You can now edit new translation strings and new language options on the dashboard.
FIX Fixed an issue where extra fields were being removed from the plans section.
FIX Resolved the problem of being redirected to the dashboard upon deleting an image.
FIX Fixed the issue where the admin dashboard image counter always displayed zero.
FIX Resolved the problem of replicated options when adding a plan.
FIX Fixed the issue where prepaid payments were not properly filling the stripe settings.
FIX Addressed the problem where the lightbox did not load upon image creation.
FIX Fixed the issue of ignoring the generated content language.
FIX Recognized user inputs correctly for custom templates.
FIX Made the image generator fields visible in dark mode.
FIX Resolved the issue with the chat welcoming message dot.
FIX Fixed the styling of alerts.
FIX Addressed the problem with the S.E.O. settings not functioning.
FIX Improved the form fields by changing them from select boxes to on-off switches.
FIX Fixed the ticket user interface.
FIX Resolved the issue with the default tone of voice selection not working.
FIX Fixed the document blink issue in dark mode.
FIX Addressed chat issues and improved responses.
FIX Reorganized the settings.
FIX Price table badge width is adjusted.
FIX Resolved responsibility issues.
FIX Cancelling subscription deletes all tokens ( including pack tokens bought before ). Now only subtracts amounts defined in plan.
FIX Renamed "Credit" to "Token", "Prepaid Plans" to "Token Packs" 
FIX Improved the page titles for better dashboard.
FIX Logo width issue on the dashboard.
FIX Fix: Dark logo does not appear on the Login Screen


NEW Improved styles for a better user experience.
NEW Added more frontend options for enhanced customization.
NEW Increased logo options for greater branding flexibility.
NEW Included a password change option in the profile settings.
NEW Added support for GPT-4 (available to beta key owners).
NEW Enabled the addition of multiple OpenAI API keys, with random selection.
FIX Fixed an issue with the YouTube title generator prompt.
FIX Made improvements to prompts in various features.
FIX Resolved a problem with AI chat and other writers' responses.
FIX Fixed the mobile bottom menu bug.
FIX Corrected linking issues in the mobile bottom menu.
FIX Ensured that selecting a subscription AI model now affects generations.
FIX Fixed HTTP 500 errors.
FIX Introduced a new installer.
FIX Made improvements to the auto-updater.


NEW Added an auto-updater feature.
NEW Implemented frontend management capabilities.
FIX Fixed frontend-related issues.
FIX Resolved 500 and 404 errors.


NEW Added pagination to documents and users pages.
FIX Fixed an issue with the documents page.
FIX Resolved 500 and 404 errors.

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