Universal Plugins Bundle for Rocket LMS

Universal Plugins Bundle for Rocket LMS

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Rocket LMS is a comprehensive LMS (Learning management system) solution that helps you to create your online education platform, and Rocket LMS universal plugins help you to add many more useful features to your platform.

This bundle includes 47 plugins (and all future plugins) for Rocket LMS with a +80% discount on the price (According to plugin real prices). You will pay about $4 for each plugin.

Stop paying for plugins separately! You will also get all future plugins for free. Pay once and get all future plugins…




Enables subscription plans for your LMS. Users will be able to purchase subscription plans and enroll in classes using them. Each subscription plan could be limited with time and subscription count. Subscription plans don’t have any conflict with the normal purchase process so you will be able to use both subscription and direct purchases at the same time.

Offline payments:

You will be able to add your bank accounts, and users will see bank accounts in the front end and will be able to submit their transactions. The amount will be added to the user account if you approve transactions.

Payment Gateways Pack:

Includes additional payment gateways such as Stripe, Paytm, Paystack, Flutterwave, Bitpay, Payfort, Yandex, CashU, Mercadopago, Zarinpal, Robokassa, Mollie, Braintree, Alipay,, Instamojo, Izipay, Klarna, N-genius, Payku, Paylink, Sslcommerz, Payhere, Toyyibpay, Voguepay, JazzCash, Paysera.

Quiz & Certification:

Create unlimited quizzes with different options (Duration, Descriptive, multiple-choice & image questions, Attempts), Auto and manual correction, Automatic result calculation, and Show correct answers and solutions after a quiz is finished.

You can also create image and video questions for quizzes.

Create certificates with customized templates. Users will be able to validate certificates through the certificate validation page and check the certificate information.

Rocket LMS includes two certificate types:

  • Quiz-depended certificates
  • Course completion certificates

Meeting Booking:

Instructors will be able to define their meeting timesheet and define their hourly rate. Users will be able to book meetings and reserve time slots using the calendar.

The meeting booking plugin supports in-person, online, individual, and group meetings.

They will be able to add meeting times to Google Calendar and receive automatic reminders.

Text Courses:

Create unlimited text-based courses. Each text lesson could include videos, downloadable files, and text content.

SMS Authentication:

Use Twilio SMS authentication for user login and registration.


This plugin enables sending notices to admins and organizations. They will be able to post notices to instructors, students or all users and notices will be displayed on the user panel.

Bigbluebutton Integration:

Conduct unlimited live events on Bigbluebutton for free! All of the information, such as URLs, passwords, and permissions, will be generated automatically for students and instructors.

Organizational Education:

Enables multi-organization education for your LMS. Each organization could include exclusive instructors and students.

Organizations can create private courses only for their students. They can also create public courses with different prices for their own students.

Multi-language Content (New in v1.3) : Define website content in different languages. The content will be loaded according to the user’s language.

Affiliate & Referral Marketing (New in v1.3) : Add more power to your platform using the affiliate marketing feature. Users will be able to earn and sell your platform courses.

SCORM Courses (New in v1.5) : Bring the interactive educational experience to your platform. Publish courses made by Adobe Captive, iSpring, or any other software.

In-App Live Class System (New in v1.5) : Conduct live classes on your platform directly with awesome features like live chat, share screen, etc. Your users won’t be redirected to any other third-party app. Imagine a live class screen on your website… it looks cool!

SaaS Packages (New in v1.5) : Define different service packages and limit different features like courses, meeting time slots, live class capacity, organization instructors, and students for instructors and organizations. Users should upgrade their accounts to reach more features.

Reward Points System (New in v1.5) : Create a professional customer loyalty club on your website. Your users will get points according to their different activities like purchasing, charging account, publishing courses, passing a quiz, certificate achievement, comments, course reviews, joining the newsletter, referring users (Affiliate), getting badges, course completion, meeting reservation, and engaging them with your platform. Users will be able to enroll in courses using points or convert them to account balance.

Tutor Finder (New in v1.5) : Allows users to find the best instructors according to different parameters like tutoring level, tutoring subject, meeting type (Online, In-person), meeting time and day, location on the map, age, and gender. This feature includes a beautiful wizard that gets information from the student and will display the best matches.

Forum & Community (New in v1.6) : Add a professional forum and community feature to your LMS platform. Users can create new topics in different categories and communicate about different subjects together.

Course Forum (New in v1.6) : Allow students to ask questions in the course forum. Other students and the instructor will be able to answer questions. Students can mark resolved questions as “Resolved”.

Course Bundle (New in v1.6) : Combine several courses as a bundle and sell them together as a bundle.

Store & Marketplace (New in v1.6) : Add a multi-vendor marketplace and store feature to your platform, allowing users to sell physical & virtual products.

Drip Content (New in v1.6) : Restrict the student’s access to the course chapters and files by different limitation parameters like time and sequence content. You can define forcing students to access course parts X days after purchasing the course or forcing them to pass the previous part.

Private Mode (New in v1.6) : Do you want to run an LMS solution for internal purposes? Enabling private mode allows you to specify which users can access courses for enrollment.

Manual Enrolment (New in v1.6) : Add students to courses, bundles, and products manually from the admin panel.

Assignment & Homework (New in v1.6) : Define different assignments for each course with different options, such as grade, deadline, etc., to make the education process more effective.

Course Statistics & Analytics (New in v1.6) : View course details and statistics in a graphical environment.

Course Noticeboard (New in v1.6) : Send different notices to the course students in different colors. 

In-app Video Call (New in v1.7) : Enjoy the in-app video call experience for conducting meetings directly on the platform. Let users book meetings on the platform and conduct peer-to-peer or group video calls directly on the platform. No need to use any other video calling solution for conducting meetings.

Registration Bonus (New in v1.7) : Give your website users a registration bonus and engage visitors to register on your website. Unlock the bonus instantly for users or ask them for certain actions like referring users or making referral purchases to unlock the bonus.

Cashback (New in v1.7) : Encourage your platform users to make purchases and recharge their wallets with a specific percentage or fixed amount afterward. Define different cashback rules, and the amount will be recharged to the user’s account after finalizing the payment.

Question Bank (New in v1.7) : Define different questions for a quiz and display a specific number of questions randomly or sorted to users. This feature allows you to conduct more accurate quizzes by presenting random questions to users.

Upcoming Courses (New in v1.7) : Let your platform users know about your upcoming courses. Users can follow upcoming courses, and they will be informed about the course’s publication after it is published. Get early adaptors for your course before publishing it.

Installments and Partial Payment (New in v1.7) : Sell different materials like courses using installments (Partial Payment) and define upfront payment steps, duration, and interest for installments. Disable platform or course access for overdue installments. The system will send payment reminders for each payment.

Secure Host (New in v1.7) : Are you worried about your videos and courses for unwanted access or downloading and spreading? Use this feature to preserve your video content from unwanted downloads.

Jitsi Meetings (New in v1.7) : Conduct live classes directly on Jitsi and enjoy a low-latency live video experience.

Course Waitlist (New in v1.7) : Turn on the waitlist feature for your course, and never miss potential students for your courses. Users can join your course waitlist when the capacity is reached or the course is in progress. Inform your waitlist users of future events.

Gift Products (New in v1.7) : Allow your platform users to send courses or other materials as gifts to their friends immediately or on a specific date. The recipient will get an email for receiving the gift.

Multi-currency (New in v1.7) : Sell your courses in different currencies and convert course prices according to the selected currency. Make specific payment gateways available for each currency. Expand your business worldwide.

AI Content Generator (New plugin in v1.8) : Generate text and images using ChatGPT API for different purposes, such as course descriptions, thumbnails, SEO descriptions, blog articles, etc. The system is integrated with different ChatGPT models, so you can use different APIs.

Form Builder (New plugin in v1.8) :  Create different variable forms with a wide range of input types, share them with users and collect data as surveys, etc., according to your business requirements. You can also assign forms to different processes like registration, becoming an instructor, and becoming an organization form and get more personalized information from users.

Course Note (New plugin in v1.9) : Users can create private notes for different course sections and content while they are learning. These notes can include attachments and can be accessed through the learning page or the user’s panel, allowing them to review them whenever they want. They can review these notes in any way they prefer, whether it’s through the learning page, their panel, or by navigating to the section where the note was created. These notes are a helpful tool for users to keep track of their learning progress, as they can refer back to them at any time.

IP & Access Management (New plugin in v1.9) : This plugin is an all-encompassing solution for monitoring user sessions and login activity. It lets you view a unified list of user IP, device, operating system, session duration, location, and latitude and longitude. You can also terminate sessions with a single click, block specific IPs, IP ranges, or country IPs, and manage your platform’s traffic. Additionally, you can display a personalized message to blocked users.

Abandoned Cart (New plugin in v1.9) : One effective marketing tool to increase revenue is to send coupons or reminders to users who abandon their carts without completing their purchases. By automating this process, you can encourage these users to return to their carts and finalize their purchases. This increases the likelihood of completing the sale and helps build customer loyalty by offering personalized incentives.

Sales Pop-up (New plugin in v1.9) : Display personalized and automatic sales pop-up notifications based on different parameters while customers browse your platform. These notifications will instill confidence and trust in potential customers, encouraging them to purchase.

Cart Discount (New plugin in v1.9) : To boost your platform sales, you can utilize a strategy of displaying a coupon on the cart page. This will encourage users to add more items to their cart and ultimately increase their chances of purchasing. Offering a promotional discount incentivizes users to continue shopping and potentially make larger orders than they initially intended. Remember, every little bit helps when it comes to driving sales and growing your platform.

Drag-and-drop Course Builder (New plugin in v1.9) : In version 1.9, we have entirely revamped the certificate builder. You now have access to a range of additional options, such as the QR code, platform and instructor signature, and variable texts. These options allow you to customize and personalize your certificate template to a greater extent than before. Additionally, our drag-and-drop interface makes designing your certificate easy and provides a visual experience.

+ All future plugins (Free)


Installing these plugins requires Rocket LMS installed.



No! You can use Rocket LMS without any additional plugins. Rocket LMS is suitable for creating a professional online education website, but if you want more features for your business, you can purchase your favorite plugins to get more features.



  • Bring many useful features to your platform.
  • Less than $4 for each plugin!
  • An 80% discount was added to all plugin prices.
  • Free updates
  • Decrease your development & customization costs by using plugins.
  • You will get all future plugins for free.



What is plugin functionality?

Plugins have been made to add new and additional features to your platform easily, according to your business requirements. You can decrease your customization costs by using plugins.

Will I get all future plugins for free?

Yes, you will pay for one time, and all of the future plugins will be free for you. No need to pay for future plugins.

Can we purchase plugins separately?

Sorry, we don’t offer plugins separately. By purchasing the plugins bundle, you will get all of the future plugins for free. There is no need to pay for each plugin.

How to check the demo version?

You can check the demo version at this link.

Does the plugin bundle include Rocket LMS?

No, you need to purchase Rocket LMS separately from this link.


How to purchase Rocket LMS?

You can purchase Rocket LMS from this link.



Version 1.9 – Release Date: 8 March 2024

New: Courses personal note (Plugin)
New: Drag-and-drop certificate builder (Plugin)
New: Cart discount (Plugin)
New: Abandoned cart (Plugin)
New: IP management (Plugin)
New: Sales pop-ups (Plugin)
New: 6 new payment gateways (Ipay88, Xendit, Paytabs, Paymob, Cintepay, TapPayment)

Version 1.8 – Release Date: 18 September 2023

New: AI Content Generator
New: Form Builder

Version 1.7 – Release Date: 18 March 2023

New: In-app Video Call
New: Installment (Partial Payment)
New: Cashback
New: Secure Video Storage
New: Jitsi Integration
New: Upcoming Courses
New: Registration Bonus
New: Send Gifts
New: Multi-currency
New: Question Bank
New: Course Waitlist

Version 1.6 – Release Date: 1 July 2022

New: Drip Content
New: Forum & Community
New: Course Forum
New: Store & Marketplace
New: Manual Enrollment
New: Assignment & Homework
New: Course Bundle
New: Private Mode (Internal LMS)
New: Course Statistics & Analytics
New: Course Notices

Version 1.5 – Release Date: 05 Mar 2022

New: SCORM Support
New: Tutor Finder
New: SaaS Packages
New: Reward Points
New: In-App Live Class System

Version 1.3 – Release Date: 26 Oct 2021

New: Affiliate & referral marketing plugin.
New: Multi-language content plugin.

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